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Mission Statement:
to edify and evangelize as an independent ministry, as well as with others,
to those who are presently, previously and/or potentially incarcerated.

Letters from Behind the Wire
Testimonials from Released Inmates
Befores & Afters
from the behind the Wire to the Free World



Hello my name is Cindy and I am writing about Passion for Prison.

I was incarcerated at Hillsborough Correctional Institution and at that time I was at the true crossroads of my life. I had been to prison a couple of times before, had been in and out of jail for the last twenty years and was addicted to crack cocaine for over twenty years. I had hit the point in my life where I know that I needed to make a change. I attended church, classes, NA and AA but just didn't feel like I was truly a part of anything or accepted by anyone.

I heard about Passion for Prison coming to our facility on Sunday evenings and decided what the heck I will go and see if they have anything to say that I need to hear..

I was greeted by Jessica and Scotty when I came in like we had been friends forever. They asked MY NAME!! no one ever did that before, and they made me laugh, cry and feel love that I hadn't felt in so many years. I really felt that they came because they cared, because they wanted to be there out of love for us, not just to get brownie points,..
I felt unconditional love from them!! They were genuine when they asked about me, they showed me that I can be loved for who I am.. Not for some reason that I wasn't willing to give..

I have been out of prison for a year, I own my own business, I am drug free (for the first time in my life), I do prison ministry and I give back to society.. I am in constant contact with Jessica and Scotty.. they are there for me, with words of encouragement, prayer, or just some friendly conversation.. They have been the same .. never changing, never asking for anything in return.

I am so thankful that I got to meet them and that they shared the love with me they did while I was in prison.. I love them and am so thankful that they shared God's love with me.. It's a love that I didn't leave behind when I left prison, it's a love that I live in daily...


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