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Mission Statement:
to edify and evangelize as an independent ministry, as well as with others,
to those who are presently, previously and/or potentially incarcerated.

Letters from Behind the Wire
Testimonials from Released Inmates
Befores & Afters
from the behind the Wire to the Free World






My name is Michael Allen I was incarcerated in the Hernando County jail. While being incarcerated I received a post card from PFP telling me to basically keep my head up and get in touch with God. Although I was once close to my heavenly father I lost site of him and took my own will back and ended up back in jail. Getting that post card made me think long and hard about my future and what I want in my life. Although I have not met anyone from the PFP sending that post card without a doubt put me back in touch with my heavenly father once again. It gave me hope once again in my life when I thought all was lost.

After getting out of jail my birthday rolled around and once again I received another post card from PFP wishing me a happy birthday and I couldnt believe it. My hats off to all the members of PFP. I cant wait to become a active member of PFP and give hope to all the lost souls that are incarcerated. I will continue to keep in touch with PFP and do whatever I can wheneve I can for whom I can as PFP gave me hope.

Thank you once again for the hope and inspiration that I got from all of the members of PFP please keep up the good work.!!



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