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Mission Statement:
to edify and evangelize as an independent ministry, as well as with others,
to those who are presently, previously and/or potentially incarcerated.

Letters from Behind the Wire
Testimonials from Released Inmates
Befores & Afters
from the behind the Wire to the Free World



First off my name is Marie, I am 30 years old. Well to begin I met PfP (Jessica and Scotty) on 04-06-04, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into at that particular moment but after a couple times going on Thursday nights I couldn’t stop going. They had something that I really wanted and needed.

They are so wonderful and loving I couldn’t believe it. They brought me from where I was at with Christ to where I’m at now in Christ. I really didn’t have the faith or trust and I really didn’t believe in him or that he would bring me out of anything. I also didn’t believe that anyone could love me or care for me.

Thanks to PfP they told me that no matter what, Jesus will never stop loving me and he will never give up on me.

I spent five years in prison and it seemed like the longest five years away from everyone I loved, especially my little girl April. But every Thursday I went to PfP and it just made my time a lot easier and it really didn’t matter what I did in the past they never stopped saying I love you.

They really want you to succeed and go to Christ. One thing that PfP taught me was you can’t do everything by yourself it comes from knowing and believing in him. Thanks Jessica and Scotty.




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